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Life could be a dream

Sha-boom sha-boom.

If sailor's ways and sailor's tombs
and maroons and buccaneers
and buried gold.
And one solitary bugle note
followed by one solitary other.

In this landscape of longing
with the brilliance of that
low slung bright sun
and the astonishing miracle of colour.

From high-flown choirboy
to stumbling jackass
they made their way through
all the matter that was not matter.
That did not matter.

The dark matter
of their days and ways.

And then they  awoke
to find that their whole lives
had been a dream.

Immediately they fell asleep again.
Dreaming that they were awake.

And, after a lifetime of bangs
and bands and the sometimes loving,
sometimes harsh, hands of others,
we surveyed the wreckage
that lay around us.
Matter that we could not see.
It could not reflect.

Its gravity was so intense
that no light could escape.

Until we reflected.
We needed to enter
that darkness
and free the Light.
These songs were our window
and our key.

Dark Matter - the debut CD

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Peter Demianovich Ouspensky suggested
that we all, as human beings, spend our
entire lives asleep.

Some of us wake occasionally to the wonder
of existence.

And then immediately fall asleep again,
frequently dreaming that we are awake.

Time to wake to the awe and the wonder.


Light shines from the Dark Matter.

01 Losing Things
02 Train Journey
03 Black Monk
04 I'm a Believer
05 The Arms of Strangers
06 London Boy
07 Where Could I Go?
08 Never Find Me
09 Des Moines
10 Trouble with God
11 Good Time Boys
12 The Old Town

“And the light shineth in darkness; and
the darkness comprehended it not.”
John ch1 v5

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Dark Matter is the debut album from I Dreamed I Was Awake.

I Dreamed I Was Awake first met and collaborated over thirty years ago in the post-punk band Golinski Brothers.

A great favourite of John Peel, he pronounced their song 'Bloody' 'the best song in the world' and declared that 'people have had the OBE for less...a lot less'.