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I Dreamed I Was Awake
I Dreamed I Was Awake first met and collaborated over thirty years ago in the post-punk band Golinski Brothers (a great favourite of John Peel, he pronounced their song 'Bloody' 'the best song in the world' and declared that 'people have had the OBE for less...a lot less').

The years have provided them both with a substantial helping of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but they have kept on writing and performing and recording together and these songs, composed over many years, represent, perhaps, lives lived not too wisely, but too well.
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  1. Losing Things
  2. Train Journey
  3. Black Monk
  4. Arms of Strangers
  5. Never Find Me
  6. The Old Town

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Darris Golinski
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Darris Golinski is a poet, writer, songwriter, singer and 21st century Quaker man from South London. For much of his life he has combined work with and for offenders inside and outside prison with writing, performing and recording.

His writing style, whether in music, poetry or prose, combines his deep interest in the philosophical with a very British sensitivity to the surreal absurdity of everyday life.

In addition to performing in rock and roll bands, he has combined with classical musicians from the Ismena Collective to produce and perform in shows about the poet and Sufi mystic Rumi, and the poetry of TS Eliot and Rainer Maria Rilke.

He talks and writes often on issues concerning the 'space/time' continuum and particle physics and how these are entwined in the spiritual writings and practices of many faiths.
Ollie Crooke
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Born in Lima Peru, Ollie Crooke is a classically trained musician since the age of 5, when as a child then growing up in Zambia, (although the first language he actually spoke had been Malay), it was discovered that he had 'perfect pitch’.

This means that, if a car screeches to a halt nearby, Ollie can tell you the note made by the squealing brakes, which is always useful.  
From that moment, he was forced to be a musician. His Mum cried for three days when, as a teenager, he abandoned the piano and cello and bought his first electric bass guitar.

He has played with or in front of many of his great heroes, (and many people who weren’t heroes at all) Nelson Mandela, Charlie Watts, Tom Robinson, Courtney Pine, as well as all sorts of other fabulous and not so fabulous individuals.
Over many years he also recorded or played with most of the London based African bands and musicians such as Supercombo, SE Rogie, Shikisha, Somo Somo, and Dudu Pukwana’s Zila, as well as a lot of the musicians who featured on Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album.

He discovered that he was a very good teacher as a 20 year old Golinski Brother, when on tour with The Clash, Joe Strummer took him aside before some gigs and asked him to explain how scales work - this was the first time Joe actually understood it, and he was very happy.  

It would be lovely to say that this was the start of a life-long friendship, but in fact they never saw each other again.

All the music and all the production, unless otherwise attributed, performed by Ollie Crooke.